• Is It Time To Dream Again?

    Posted in Motivational on Sep 24, 2023

    Dream within the framework in which you are living, but don’t limit yourself to the results of the past. Dream of something better. Think of three different ways you could do what you do better.

  • Imagination: Power to Create a Better Life

    Posted in values, change on Sep 12, 2023

    Do you imagine a better life for yourself? Are you taking small steps by faith to change your circumstances? What would you do differently if you knew you couldn’t fail?

  • The Power of Repetition. Practice Makes Progress!

    Posted in Motivational, values, change on Aug 28, 2023

    Intentionally practising small daily habits are vital to living a more satisfying and meaningful life. It’s the patterns of our lives that help us to rise or fall. Certain rituals that we establish in our lives can produce some remarkable outcomes.

  • The Achievements of the Matildas

    Posted in goals, team building on Aug 22, 2023

    The Matildas lost the semi-final as the whole world watched on. Then they lost the play-off for the bronze medal. How would you feel if the whole world was watching you attempt to do something for your country, something that’s never been done before?

  • Vulnerability & Recovery Skills

    Posted in Inspirational Messages, change on Aug 15, 2023

    Don’t underestimate the power of intentionally recovering. Take the first steps to turn things around. You can do this! Begin. What could you do now to get started?

  • Set The Tone Minutes Before The Match!

    Posted in Inspirational Messages, relationships on Aug 07, 2023

    Learning after you lose is important (as I shared last week), but I’ve always enjoyed winning way more. This week I’ve got some sports psychology insights related to the final minutes before the match starts.

  • Learn More From Losing

    Posted in Life Skills, habits on Aug 01, 2023

    I’ve been coached my whole life. My dad was a tennis champion and my tennis coach. My mother was a businesswoman who taught me how to look the part while I dreamed about what I would become.

  • Behaviour Feedback Loop

    Posted in team building, personal development, habits on Jun 26, 2023

    You have to care a lot to tell people the truth. Providing feedback is often the only way someone becomes aware of their behaviour. Don’t assume people know what they are doing.

  • High-Value Team Habits

    Posted in Inspirational Messages, team building, habits on Jun 19, 2023

    This blog is all about building stronger relationships at the workplace. I’m excited to share some high-value team-building habits to help you create a thriving culture amongst your colleagues.

  • Be The Thermostat

    Posted in team performance, team building, habits on Jun 12, 2023

    Last week I promised 2 hacks to make you more likeable and change the atmosphere in any room. These are both high-value habits that will attract favour!

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