• Building Trust

    Posted in Inspirational Messages, News on Sep 17, 2013

    Trust can take years to build but can be broken in a moment. When someone chooses to give you the gift of trust, treasure it!
    What is trust? Trust is deEined as “a Eirm belief in the honesty, truthfulness and justice of a person”. It is similar to having faith in someone. You can’t have a close, signiEicant relationship without it.
    To gain the trust of others you must be trustworthy. People don’t judge us by our intentions but by our actions, and we know that actions speak louder than words. Others can’t always tell what you are intending to do, they can only see what you have done and remembe...

  • Lead On Up!

    Posted in Inspirational Messages, News on May 15, 2013

    5 Attributes That Will Make You Worth Following.

    1. Be a person who is fun to work with and fun to be around. No one wants to team up with someone who has no sense of humour or little sense of fun. No matter how important the job is, life is more enjoyable when we work with people who are a pleasure to be around.

    2. Be a person who takes risks and participates in every opportunity. Those who get involved at many levels develop conscious competence. They take action rather than procrastinate or spectate. People who take the lead, fast track their own growth because their weaknesses are quickly r...

  • Forgiveness

    Posted in Inspirational Messages, Motivational, News, relationships, values, team building, personal development, Doing Life Better, Generosity on Apr 20, 2013

    Forgiveness is one of the best gifts you can give to anyone. It can set people free and help them to start again without guilt and shame. What a treat to cut someone free from their past behavior and your hurt, pain or disappointment. So why aren’t we more generous and forthcoming with this gift? Holding on to it doesn’t help you or anyone else, so why do we do it? Laziness? Pride? Maybe wanting to control, punish or manipulate?

    Forgiveness is a chasm closer. It can close a gap that has been between two people for years just because you chose not to forgive at the time. Sincerity is a powerful...

  • Strive for progress, not perfection!

    Posted in News on Feb 08, 2013

    This is one of my codes to live by. It is part of my life philosophy and has allowed me to enjoy my imperfect progress towards my goals even when I wanted to do a better job. Having a wise, thought out philosophy to live and work by is key when pressure mounts and stress rises. Do you have a clear pathway (set of rules) to cope with challenge, pressure and stress?

    Have you ever articulated the philosophy by which you want to live and work? In tough situations what is your default position? Having a “Code To Live By” has helped me navigate some very tricky seasons in my life and situations alon...

  • Start Again!

    Posted in Motivational, News, values, goals, change, Doing Life Better, Life Skills on Jan 03, 2013

    Often people make New Year’s resolutions that are not kept. I know that’s not you, but I wonder if other people (!) write down what they think they should do instead of those things that are really in their heart to do?

    I love the fact that January is a time of holidays and hopefully rest and reflection. Even for those who don’t take a long break, sometimes the pace of work and life is a little slower so there is time to think. Can I suggest that we all determine to use this time well?

    How well do you know yourself and what you really value in life? When did you last sit down and describe you...

  • Doing Christmas Better

    Posted in News on Dec 07, 2012

    Christmas is almost upon us. Do you quake with anxiety at the thought of it or celebrate the season that’s meant to be joyful. Could you do life better this Christmas? Have you worked out what is really important to you and to those you love during this season? Maybe you need time to discuss it and make a plan.

    Do you realize that Christmas is about expressing and receiving love? The birth of a saviour is love personified! Love is more than a feeling. It is commitment in action. You may not feel loveable, loving or loved, but you can change this. Start by having an attitude of gratitude for wh...

  • The main reason is family

    Posted in News on Oct 26, 2012

    As I write I am in the air flying to America. I have the privilege of delivering a keynote presentation on Leadership at a large conference in Boise, Idaho. I get excited at the prospect of sowing what I have and what I know into the lives of others. I also get excited at who I get to meet. There are seven speakers at this conference. Some you might know include Rudy Giuliani (Mayor of New York when the Towers came down), Sarah Palin (former Vice Presidential candidate) and Stephen Forbes (Chairman and Editor-in Chief of Forbes Media), and I get to meet them and learn from them.

    Why me? I thin...

  • Power Up 360

    Posted in News on Sep 14, 2012

    I'm honoured to be speaking at the AEIC Super Conference from the 4th till the 6th of October

    The Super Conference

    I'm Soon to be surrounded by a “heard” of great Aussie speakers and hundreds of business builders in my favourite city. See you there.

  • Welcome to my world!

    Posted in News on Sep 14, 2012

    It is so good to connect with you at last. Recently I have been really busy, and all of us have had to learn to live with challenges that we have not faced before. Some of you have waited a long time to connect. I apologise for that and commit to providing great ideas and tools to help you thrive, on a regular basis.

    I really felt the need to put aside some time at the start of this year to clear my head and get some clarity around my direction for this new season of my life. One of my “big rocks” is to help you make smart choices which will take you to a better place. One outcome of my quiet ...

  • Power Up 360

    Posted in News on Sep 14, 2012

    On the 17th of October I'm Speaking at the Power Up 360 Conference in the U.S.

    Power Up 360 conference

    I'm Very excited to be sharing this big, big stage in the U.S. with some of my favourite people.

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