How to Handle Change

Change is a constant in our lives as we grow and interact with other people. Seasons change, times change and people and circumstances around us constantly change.

Love it or hate it - change is here to stay.

As summer is heating up in Australia we're looking forward to the new life that it is bringing out all around us. If you don't live in the southern hemisphere the change is looking very different - from autumn/fall to winter. Knowing what season you're in certainly helps with daily decisions.

As a leader you need to clearly communicate upcoming changes, and break them down into tangible activities and habits that need to change or be established. This is true in your role as a parent, CEO, sales manager, director or school teacher.

I've recorded a 2-minute message called "How to Change Things When Change is Hard" to clarify some of the key steps and attitudes necessary when it comes to leading change successfully.

I've shared this message with many businesses and organisations who are facing change. Let me know if you need me to come to your conference or event to set the tone through this keynote message.

Posted in Inspirational Messages, Video, change on Dec 11, 2015

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