• Fun in the Family

    Posted in Inspirational Messages, relationships, Doing Life Better, family on May 11, 2017

    Even fun people are not fun all the time so it's important to **expect and plan for fun** when we are with people with whom we have a lifetime connection.

  • Keynote Speaker Award

    Posted in News, Conference and Convention Speaker on Apr 13, 2017

    Mr "Momentum", Michael McQueen presented me with Keynote Speaker of the Year 2017 PSA Conf. We are changing our world one message at a time!

  • A New Season

    Posted in Motivational, Video, change on Apr 13, 2017

    Do you have the intention of creating something new in this season? Do you want to grow? Are you ready and willing to be transformed in some area? This is a great time of year for putting new projects into action.

  • Double Vision Works

    Posted in Inspirational Messages, leadership, team performance, goals on Feb 28, 2017

    The first responsibility of a leader is to be completely honest about where you're at and know where you want to go. These are essential building blocks of high-performance teams and are keys that I teach in every one of my Leadership keynote presentations and workshops.

  • What Are You Looking Forward to in 2017?

    Posted in Inspirational Messages, Video, change on Jan 09, 2017

    ...what are you looking forward to this new year? It’s important to be aware that anticipation is a really important quality to develop as it helps us to put in more effort and energy. It allows us to be more optimistic before an event even happens. 

  • Christmas is a time to pause & reflect

    Posted in Inspirational Messages on Dec 19, 2016

    I've heard the expression “Hope was born at Christmas". In the midst of everything that is going on in the world today - HOPE is still one of the most important qualities in life, especially a life that is lived meaningfully, purposefully and with contribution to others.

  • Tell the Truth.

    Posted in Video, values, team building on Oct 10, 2016

    One habit that is key to building a successful life is the habit of telling the truth. The whole truth, not just part of the truth. It means not exaggerating. That's more than the truth. It's making sure we're not telling part of the information that can mislead others and lead them to a different conclusion. It's saying it like it really is.

  • RUOK? 

    Posted on Sep 06, 2016

    'RUOK? Day' (September 8) reminds each of us that we have a part to play. We can help others feel valued and acknowledged by having simple, meaningful conversations about life's ups and downs.

  • Be Yourself - Everybody Else is Already Taken 

    Posted in Inspirational Messages, Video, change on Aug 17, 2016

    Stop comparing your weaknesses to other people's strengths. It will rob you of energy and confidence. Don't compare other peoples highlights on social media to your lowest moments.

  • Staying motivated in spite of your feelings!

    Posted in Inspirational Messages, Video, personal development, Doing Life Better, Life Skills on Jul 20, 2016

    How do you stay motivated? I often tell myself, 'faith it till you make it Lisa!' Turia Pitt says 'fake it till you feel it!' They both say something about the way we deal with our feelings. Feelings can be deceptive. We often don't feel like working hard or putting in extra effort. We do, however, want the positive outcome that focused effort delivers. So, we push through in spite of our feelings and believe that something good is going to come out of it.

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