Upset the Right People

Have you realized that you can't please everybody? So stop trying! A key to your future success lies in knowing who to come alongside and whom to upset. Trying to please everybody is a sure way to fail.

You have your own values, opinions and morals. There are times in life where you really need to stand up for who you are and what you believe in. 

This is leadership. This is what it takes to be authentic. Standing up for what you believe in will make you more thoughtful about what you believe as well as more helpful and influential.

People around you will appreciate the honesty and vulnerability it takes to be a person of conviction. Being honest also means that you will need to be open to listening to others as they challenge what you say. It might even mean that you are able to change your mind, but this would not happen if you never spoke up in the first place!

As a leader you may very well upset your team, your kids or even your partner at times - but it's the price you pay for having a clear vision and knowing the right thing to do to get there. 

Being a leader means standing up for what you know is right despite the opinions of others. It's challenging the status quo and waiting for something to happen. Leaders give direction and movement to make things happen instead of being stuck in the habit of trying to please everybody.

As a leader you need to be true to who you are as well as what you know and believe. This will make you useful as a leader. 

Be confident in who you are and act accordingly.  

Posted in Inspirational Messages, Video, values, team performance, culture on Apr 29, 2016

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