A New Season

Do you have the intention of creating something new in this season? Do you want to grow? Are you ready and willing to be transformed... Read More

Double Vision Works

The first responsibility of a leader is to be completely honest about where you're at and know where you want to go. These are essential... Read More

What Are You Looking Forward to in 2017?

...what are you looking forward to this new year? It’s important to be aware that anticipation is a really important quality to develop as it... Read More

Christmas is a time to pause & reflect

I've heard the expression “Hope was born at Christmas". In the midst of everything that is going on in the world today - HOPE is... Read More

Tell the Truth.

One habit that is key to building a successful life is the habit of telling the truth. The whole truth, not just part of the... Read More


'RUOK? Day' (September 8) reminds each of us that we have a part to play. We can help others feel valued and acknowledged by having... Read More

Be Yourself - Everybody Else is Already Taken 

Stop comparing your weaknesses to other people's strengths. It will rob you of energy and confidence. Don't compare other peoples highlights on social media to... Read More

Staying motivated in spite of your feelings!

How do you stay motivated? I often tell myself, 'faith it till you make it Lisa!' Turia Pitt says 'fake it till you feel it!'... Read More

How Do You Manage Your Energy?

What's your energy like? Could you be more upbeat or contagious? What are you doing to manage your energy levels? It affects what you can... Read More
Upset the Right People

Upset the Right People

Have you realized that you can't please everybody? So stop trying! A key to your future success lies in knowing who to come alongside and... Read More

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