What Are You Looking Forward to in 2017?

I know that it’s really important to appreciate all that has gone before us today. We need to reflect on how we have grown, who has loved us, and who we have shared our life with.

More importantly now though, what are you looking forward to this new year? It’s important to be aware that anticipation is a really important quality to develop as it helps us to put in more effort and energy. It allows us to be more optimistic before an event even happens. 

So, what’s to be new for you? Can you anticipate feelings of freshness, excitement and potential?

What new things will you bring to pass this year? What new faith will you dare to develop? How will you serve and contribute?  Are you going to think and see your world differently? What will you commit to read? 

We have purchased a new home. Many people are scared of doing something new, like living somewhere new! We see it as an adventure.

We have chosen to live in a new environment, in a different place alongside new neighbours. New means we must adapt, shift and discover what we have inside of us that enables us to tackle something new.

We choose new with an expectation that life will be better, richer, more meaningful, more rewarding, more inclusive, more accepting, more delightful, more encouraging and more significant!!  

Maybe you're going to bring new contributions to your circle of influence by using more of your talents, gifts and expertise to serve others in a new and fresh way. 

New means the possibilities are endless.

Embrace new!


Posted in Inspirational Messages, Video, change on Jan 09, 2017

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