The ONE Critical Step to build momentum!

If you talk about momentum with an engineer or a scientist it will somehow involve getting an object or a body into motion.

From the perspective of someone who's far more interested in human performance (me!), momentum is what we need to find in order to get moving, overcome a roadblock or get unstuck.

Is there an area of your life, either personal or at work, where you need some fresh momentum? Have a quick listen to my video message.

With the onset of winter I have been finding it tricky to get the exercise that I want. I know that I need to take a run after a big day but I often feel lethargic or plain weary.

So what I do is put my runners on and convince myself that I will just take a short, easy walk. Getting out the front door can be the hardest part!

However, once I begin I challenge myself to just run 50 steps then revert to walking 50 steps. It's amazing how easy it is to run another 50 once I've begun the process of getting the mass of my body to move.

It really is a mind game, and I play it regularly!

My body says it is tired and yet my mind knows that I need to move with velocity! My secret is to make the first step almost effortless. I save my willpower for the part that needs speed. That will take an act of my will. I let my feelings catch up later:-) Go on - take the first step!


Posted in Inspirational Messages, Motivational, personal development on Jun 12, 2017

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