Double Vision Works

Double Vision Works!

The first responsibility of a leader is to be completely honest about where you're at and know where you want to go.

These are essential building blocks of high-performance teams and are keys that I teach in every one of my Leadership keynote presentations and workshops.

Dan Rockwell puts it this way:

"Courageous leaders have double vision. They see the world as it is and as it could be."

It is a leader's role to take people on an exciting journey where they contribute their skills and talents, and build belief so that the vision can be achieved. 

We lead by focusing on these three steps:

  1. Turn fear into confidence. Courageous leaders inspire courage. When people are afraid or fearful, it's hard for them to bring their best efforts to work. Give people the confidence of knowing what is required of them today. Trust them to do their part. Remember that fear sees threat and courage sees opportunity.
  2. Turn confusion into certainty, or at least clarity. Help your people to be very clear about what they are trying to do today, this week and this month. Help them to  be very clear about their role and their responsibilities.
  3. Paint a picture of the future that is better than the current situation. Raise people's sights. Enlarge their vision. Let people see that the future is going to be better with their courage and contribution.

  Lead the way today!


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