Fun in the Family

Even fun people are not fun all the time so it's important to expect and plan for fun when we are with people with whom we have a lifetime connection.

Often significant moments happen while we are having fun. Figure out what will be fun for your family and schedule some time for it.

Maybe it's enjoying nature together or having a picnic or simply playing games together. The specific activity might be unimportant but doing it intentionally is very significant.

No matter what form your family takes, be proactivein making fun moments with your parents, your siblings, your children, your cousins and your grandparents.

Remember also that one of the most significant times of the day is when you first get home. The first 10 minutes really matter.

It sets the atmosphere for the rest of the evening. Avoid giving commands or correction at this time and concentrate on hugs, warm greetings and connection.

Make your first moments together caring, kind and fun.

Posted in Inspirational Messages, relationships, Doing Life Better, family on May 11, 2017

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