• Transform High-Value Behaviours Into Habits

    Posted in Inspirational Messages, habits on Jun 05, 2023

    To progress in life, we must build and accumulate a set of effective daily habits that make living life more streamlined. Well-established habits also mean less effort.

  • Influence Like A Mother

    Posted in Inspirational Messages, leadership on May 16, 2023

    What’s the definition of influence? …the capacity to affect the character, development or behaviour of others. That sounds like a mother.

  • Fresh is Best!

    Posted on Apr 03, 2023

    After a busy start to the year, I see April as a month to refresh. I believe it’s really important to keep my energy and effervescence growing and to think about the habits that will re-invigorate me.

  • Your Words Matter

    Posted in relationships, culture on Mar 28, 2023

    Your words shape how you feel and how you respond. There are those whose biggest obstacle on the pathway to their goals is the way they talk to themselves in moments that matter. 

  • Fuel & Power To Face Obstacles

    Posted in Inspirational Messages, goals on Mar 20, 2023

    Obstacles can suck the joy out of your life; sometimes, they feel like a brick wall in your way. They can also stop you on the pathway to your goals. Enthusiasm provides fuel and power when you face obstacles. 

  • Obstacles Are Goals In Disguise

    Posted in goals on Mar 13, 2023

    Obstacles are best viewed as a bonus goal in disguise. Seeing them as a GOAL instead of an obstacle is a good twist in our thinking.

  • Find Your Superpower

    Posted in goals, personal development on Mar 07, 2023

    Did you know that setting goals is a superpower? So is developing the little high-value habits that make life work well for you. Some people do it naturally and easily, while others struggle to get anything written down. Which one are you?

  • Break It Down To Overcome

    Posted in Motivational, goals on Feb 27, 2023

    What is the one important goal you strongly desire to accomplish? Can you identify what is holding you back from reaching your goals?

  • Your Habits Will Make or Break Your Goals!

    Posted in Inspirational Messages, Motivational, habits on Feb 20, 2023

    Habits are the little patterns of behaviour that you repeat. You train yourself to do them automatically without thinking. They make you effective without being fatigued. You don’t have to think about them every single day. You do them enough times until they become automatic, and then they feel ‘normal’. Positive habits are the key to progress. They are building something on your behalf without you even thinking about them... Stack habits to multiply your impact!

  • Unfreeze Your Fear

    Posted in Motivational on Feb 10, 2023

    Fear stops you from progressing. In order to grow, sometimes we need to set a goal to develop courage and to act bravely toward our goals. Like most things, bravery doesn’t happen unless you practise. You start with some little activities that feel uncomfortable, and you do them anyway.

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