Your Habits Will Make or Break Your Goals!

Stack patterns of behaviour - on repeat

So, we’ve set a few goals, and now we need new behaviours that will become habits to help realise our goals.

Think about this… What habits are working for you now? Let’s add a few more good habits to help you progress faster.

Could you attach another habit to one that’s already automatic? This is called "habit-stacking" because it’s easier to add (stack) a new behaviour onto one that is already working well for you.

For example… if you plan to get up earlier in the morning and get going quicker, stack the habit of making your bed immediately. It starts a pattern of bringing order into your life first thing in the morning.

It’s amazing how good you feel when you bring order into one little corner of your world.

Another example: When feeling stressed or overwhelmed, and you stop to calm down, “stack” the habit of taking six deep, slow breaths.

Most people don’t take three deep breaths in a day unless they are exercising. Make it your habit to consciously pause and breathe deeply.

If you are like me and like to order your thoughts about the day ahead, you could get up 15 minutes earlier and walk around the block while thinking about your day before you live it.

And… who knows… you might enjoy it so much that it turns into 30 or even 45 minutes of bonus exercise, becoming a practice that fuels you for effective living!

Identify where you can habit-stack and leverage your personal performance capacity.

Next week I will look at some of the things that you might need to overcome in order to be at your best.

Let’s go!


Posted in Inspirational Messages, Motivational, habits on Feb 20, 2023

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