The Value of Others

The recent celebration of ANZAC Day reminds me of the significance of sacrificial giving. So many who have gone before us have laid down their lives (or their wellbeing) to ensure that we enjoy a life of freedom. I marvel at how our Defence Force personnel are trained to lay down their lives, not just for the country but also for one another. We can easily forget to appreciate the sacrifices that have been made (and are still being made) to provide the freedoms that we enjoy.

On a slightly different tack, there is another level of sacrifice that we can all choose to make. When you apologise you sacrifice your pride for the sake of peace. You sacrifice your ego for the sake of empathy or compassion. You value connection over having to be right. Some people’s need to be right pushes them right out of their relationships.

It can take a lot of courage to apologise so this is where practice can help you. Start apologising for your small misdemeanours. If you were aware that an apology was the forerunner to peace, would you do it more often? Would you practice more diligently?

For most of us, an apology doesn’t just roll off our tongue. It takes humility, self-control and self-reflection…… and it takes practice. Do it often even if you do it poorly! Repetition will help you learn to admit your part in any disagreement.

If you always think it is someone else’s fault, you are certainly part of the problem.

What are you like at apologising? Are you quick to identify and acknowledge your own mistakes or weaknesses? Can you ask for forgiveness when you’ve caused pain or suffering for others? One more thought: If you never apologise to your children, where will they learn to apologise?

I’m sorry if I have caught you off-guard with these thoughts :-)



Posted in Video, relationships on Apr 27, 2018

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