Step Up for the Vulnerable

Stepping Up for Others  

My 'Step up September!’ really did challenge me to step up!  I set myself a goal this year to come alongside people and teams who are doing significant not-for-profit work and support them in their endeavours.

Some of my most satisfying moments happen while I'm helping others do something that serves others. I've discovered that to be successful and significant I need to serve others who have taken on significant pursuits. 

Soon after I arrived home from my amazing Tonga experience with 'Women on the Front Lines' I began the 'Future of Leadership' tour with the wonderful Peter Baines.

Our efforts were to raise funds for “Hands Across the Water” which supports seven orphanages in Thailand (Yes … SEVEN). The team on tour really inspired me!

Who inspires you? What energises you enough to take action and serve others? What has been your most satisfying service this year?

I also had the wonderful privilege of speaking to the carers and managers who are the engine room at Ronald McDonald House. These houses are attached to our children's hospitals and provide accommodation for families of children who are in hospital with life-threatening conditions.

Have you ever thought of volunteering for a place like this? There are so many great organisations doing wonderful work in our cities. Please consider aligning yourself with 2 or 3 organisations and get involved. It brings perspective to your own life as you assist those who are in a season of struggle.

We all have our season of struggle and it is a reminder that we need each other. It is so important to connect with those around us, especially when they are feeling vulnerable. 

This was reinforced to me again as the RUOK? campaign toured around Australia recently.

We need each other and we need to be prepared to check in with others and find out how they really are. Make it a daily practice that is woven into the fabric of the way you connect.

And why not give out a few more hugs while you're at it. 



Posted in Motivational, culture on Oct 03, 2017

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