Motivational Inspirational Speaker Wins Local Award

In July 2001, Aussie motivational inspirational speaker, Lisa McInnes-Smith was recognised worldwide when she was inducted into the “Speakers’ Hall of Fame” in the USA.  Now her motivational speaking talent has been recognised locally.

The industry of professional speaking is relatively new in Australia. It came to the surface in a very unofficial form in the 1950’s, however a professional association wasn’t formed until around twenty five years ago.  The National Speakers’ Association of Australia is now a vibrant professional speaking community influencing thousands of businesses Australia wide and overseas.

Lisa McInnes –Smith has been travelling back and forth to the USA for years. Lisa was at the height of her motivational speaking career when one of her clients had Americans in the audience. They fell in love with her fun filled transparent style and immediately booked her for two engagements in the USA. Her boomerang throwing antics endeared her to her American audience and before long she was doing the transpacific flights on a regular basis. She travelled with an entourage of 6 comprising her 2 small children under 3, her parents-in-law and her husband. There were 21 pieces of luggage to help the babies transition from hotel to hotel. They were a travelling circus but a very successful motivational team. The average audience size was 4500 people with some events growing to twenty and even thirty thousand.

On many occasions she shared the stage with past American presidents and well known entertainment acts. Her favorite was the late, great Ray Charles.  At one time one of Lisa’s live recordings was distributed across the American market which opened far more doors than she could fill.

Lisa has always been one for work/life balance. She believes she is in this industry for the long haul and so knows the importance of taking good care of herself and her family.

So far she has been involved with professional motivational speakers for 27 years, but as a professional speaker herself for 25 years. She started off promoting world class American speakers into the Australian business arena for an Australian seminar company.

It was during this season that she wrote her first bestselling book on goal setting for teenagers and young adults. She toured the country travelling from high school to high school as well as doing public seminars in country areas.

Her motivational skills were highly developed whilst speaking to teenagers. She needed to grab their attention quickly and keep it for an hour long school assembly full of hot, sweaty restless kids. It was the foundation that gave her and unusual ability to create startling openings and creative methods to lock the message in. Student involvement was essential. It enabled her to connect with even the most challenging teenagers. These young people found her inspiring, enlightening and empowering. They took her ideas to heart and quickly found that the truth produces fruit.

She meets hundreds of adults today who were raised on her personal development programs.

In 2006 Lisa was one of the first group of Australians inducted into the newly formed Australian Speakers’ Hall of Fame as designated by the National Speakers’ Association of Australia.

It was nice see her recognized in her own country after being first recognized overseas. However her many international clients have recognized her value by continually employing her motivational speaking skills within their businesses and their international conferences. We can truly say Lisa is one of Australia’s most loved motivational inspirational speakers worldwide.

Posted in Motivational on Apr 26, 2010

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