Motivational Keynote Speaker Wins Award

The “Speakers’ Hall of Fame” wasn’t a familiar achievement in this country until one of our own Aussies was inducted into it in the USA, July 2001. How does an Australian mum end up in the professional Speakers’ Hall of Fame for her motivational keynote presentations? The award surprised Lisa McInnes-Smith as much as anybody. Who would have dreamt that an Australian motivational keynote speaker would be selected for a Hall of Fame half way around the world?

It seems that thousands of speakers have been nominated for this award over the past eighty years but only a couple of hundred have received it.

Every one of the awardees until 2001 had been a citizen of the United States or its neighbor Canada. Although there are hundreds of world class professional speakers all around the world, up to this point only those from the North American Continent had ever been inducted.

It was a landmark day when our girl from suburban Melbourne took her place in the American Speakers’ Hall of Fame. Suddenly it became the International Speakers’ Hall of Fame and it opened up the door for speakers all around the world to aspire to this auspicious accolade.

Lisa McInnes-Smith was one of the first to ever receive the award on a first nomination.

Many are nominated multiple times over a decade before they receive it however Lisa received a unanimous vote of confidence the first time around from the panel of professional speakers who judged this highly desired award recognising her as one of the most outstanding motivational inspirational speakers.

Just recently (2009) our second Aussie winner was added to the list, another motivational keynote speaker. We now have two female professional keynote speakers in Lisa McInnes-Smith and Amanda Gore in the Speakers’ Hall of Fame. It looks like the girls have the gift of the gab and now we’re waiting for our first male nominee.

Posted in Motivational on Mar 10, 2010

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