The Importance Of Recovery

The Importance Of Recovery

I’ve spent the last four weeks making a shift from grief, loss and sadness to serving, celebrating and ‘seeing’ what I have.

After losing my dad I’ve been focusing on helping my mum transition to going solo. Can you imagine how difficult it is to make this change after 63 years of a loving marriage?

She has always been an amazing role model, demonstrating how to do the next season well. I have full confidence that she will finish well!

Learning to recover after adversity is one of the major keys to a successful life. High performing people must learn how to recover well. We see examples of this in sport and business often.

Where do you need to practice recovery skills? Could it be in your health or relationship? It could also be in your finances or self-esteem. Don’t underestimate the power of intentionally recovering. Take the first steps to turn things around.

You can do this! Simply begin.

Five great recovery rituals that I use.

  1. Allocate a period of time, like 30 mins, each day just to think. It’s better to be outside if you can.

  2. Take six minutes of silence whenever you feel overwhelmed. Set the timer on your phone and simply breathe deeply and slowly.

  3. Invigorate your body with three lots of ‘flat-out exercise’ for twenty seconds at a time. Try ‘dips’ on a bench or push-ups on your knees. Running up flights of stairs is excellent .....and effective!

  4. Consciously smile regularly.

  5. Say thank you twice as often.

Happy days!


Posted in Inspirational Messages, Motivational, relationships on Aug 29, 2018

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