Goals You Hope For

We spent the month of January working on goal-setting ideas and techniques.

If you still haven’t written your 2023 goals down, please refer to the blog article Goals: Small Steps to Change Your Future! I wrote this for you to be inspired to set some important goals.

If you’ve written your goals down, did you also come up with a list of things you want to stop doing? This is essential as it will free up space in your world.

If your goals are not becoming any clearer, stop and ask yourself, ‘what am I hoping for?’ … and think.

Try to complete this sentence in four different ways: I’m hoping for…… a healthier, happier, more prosperous year. I’m hoping for… a closer connection with my family and friends. I’m hoping for… an opportunity to create a side hustle that I’ve wanted to try.
I’m hoping to…. write a small book and to journal every day.

Charles Duhigg, an authority on ‘The Power of Habits’ and author of ‘Smarter Faster Better’ says: “The greatest productivity app in the world is deep thinking’ He says ‘the key to almost any door in life is instilling the right habit. From exercise to weight loss, child rearing to productivity, market disruption to social revolution and above all success, the right habits can change everything.”

Duhigg is also known for translating cutting-edge behavioural science into practical self-improvement action.

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the fact that you have no written goals, go back to ground yourself in simple activities.

For me, it’s like organising your home, office, or emails and files. Sometimes it’s good to make a little progress in an area you constantly battle with. Tidying up is a great habit, but only if it takes you in the direction you want and isn’t an excuse for not doing the important things. If you need a business goal, you can always start with something as simple as …make two phone calls a day to people you have done business with in the past.

Do it to reconnect and find out how they are going. Can you serve them? And how?

With just some simple (remember: Small. Simple. Doable) written goals, let’s put some habits in place to help you achieve those goals.

Habits are the little patterns of behaviour that you repeat. You train yourself to do them automatically without thinking. They make you effective without being fatigued. You don’t have to think about them every single day. You do them enough times until they become automatic, and then they feel ‘normal’.

Positive habits are the key to progress. They are building something on your behalf without you even thinking about them.

  • My husband and I do push-ups every single day. We know that they make our bones and muscles stronger, so as soon as one begins, the other one follows. It’s a pattern we’ve created with each other.

  • Another great habit is to thank people twice as much as you already do. Start with your family members! It might be time for you to learn a new language. Five minutes a day online can get your conversation started.

Posted in goals, change on Feb 01, 2023

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