Plan For A Year That Inspires

At the beginning of each year I like to re-evaluate. I ask myself…

  • “What am I doing that is worth moving forward with?” (I never assume that I will do the same things as last year.)
  • “What do I need to stop doing?”
  • “What could I include that would add value to the people I serve?” I also review all my commitments and ask:
  • “Why this? Why now? How important is this to me?“ Without doing this I can easily get over committed and overwhelmed before the year starts. 

How about you? Do you challenge yourself in this way? Are you willing to commit some quiet time to a similar review? You too might find it inspiring. Let me know if the process helps you as much as it does me.

On a more personal level, have you planned for holidays, special weekends, significant events and regular time for those you love? Will you evaluate your average working day and plan how to make it more meaningful? Is it possible that you could be more effective, more productive or more fun to do life with?

I encourage you to do the work up front to get the results you desire. Prepare for growth and the short-term discomfort it brings...

I’ve just spoken to the teaching staff for two different schools. As my sessions went on I was inspired by their willingness to commit to specific personal growth. They were keen to try fresh ways to inspire learning in both themselves and their students. They were capitalising on the opportunity to create a fresh start. 

Where is the excitement and sense of anticipation in your life and what are you prepared to do to increase it?

Let’s believe for significant progress this year,

With joy,


Posted in Video, change, personal development on Jan 30, 2018

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