What do you value - and who?

What do you value and whom do you value? Do you put intentional time and effort into the people and activities that you say you value?

Sometimes we need reminding how important it is to plan time with those whom we value most. Relationships of substance neither sustain nor grow without time and effort. You need a plan! 

Be vitally aware of what you need to do to deeply connect with those you love. Make time for simple things like sharing meals and kisses and cuddles, but also make time for deep conversations.

Of course your life partner needs special focus ….. and long passionate kisses! Others that you highly value also need your time and focused attention.

They need to hear your concern and your questions. Most importantly, on many occasions they just need you to listen. Those who feel heard are usually the ones who feel most valued.

It’s also important to work out what you value doing and make time for it, especially if it is an activity that refreshes and revitalises you and brings you a great sense of contribution and significance.

Think of those causes or things that you want to support with your time or your money.

Don't leave it until you approach the end of your life. It's what you do along the way that really matters. 



Posted in values on Jul 26, 2017

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