Personal Growth Through Creativity

I love visiting the home of one of my closest girlfriends, as we did recently to celebrate a major birthday. Sandy is one of Australia’s leading outdoor educators and academics.

Hanging on the walls around her home are beautiful examples of the explosion of her creative talent through resin artwork.

Her creativity and artistic expression are unleashed through this medium for magnificent outcomes.

See what I mean in this month’s video message below. 

I make every effort to exercise my creativity when I construct keynote presentations. I look for different ways to engage the audience and creative methods to lock in the learning and infuse a greater sense of self-belief in my audience.

How about you? High performing people can see solutions to problems and create new ways to move forward. Using your imagination to create enables you to be more inventive and innovative and, bonus, it’s good for your brain and your well-being!

Do you need to spend more time imagining or being curious about how else you might work through a problem?

Become a high-value high performer at home, in your workplace and in your community. Your creativity is needed everywhere.

Take courage! Everybody expresses creativity differently!


Posted in personal development on Apr 10, 2019

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