Our stories create our reality

May has been an exciting month of sharing ideas to raise people’s performance and build brave teams. When we are building leaders or teams we must carefully construct a positive story about each individual.

We should be able to name their strengths and their past successes. When people feel known and acknowledged they are far more likely to strive to contribute to the company goals, no matter how hard they are.

Help the people in your team to practice acknowledging each other’s strengths and how that has impacted on the company and its results.

Enjoy this two-minute video about the stories we create.

In May, I’ve also been contributing to children who have suffered traumatic events as well as mentoring some fabulous millennial’s.

When I volunteer I feel energised and inspired by those I work alongside. It also reminds me that I will never run out of opportunities to serve and build the community. It’s not just all about business!

xoxo Lisa

Posted in relationships, team performance on May 22, 2018

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