Joyful June?

The month of June can be many things:

• Realisation that the year is already half gone (what happened?) • End of financial year (gasp!) • Winter - at least here in Australia (brrrrr!) • Shortest daylight days (back to bed)

June has been a rollercoaster ride for my husband Colin and I. We have travelled extensively in Australia and over to San Francisco (and back). We have encouraged, educated and hopefully inspired. I have spoken at great length about creating and leading high performing teams.

While in the USA my father was suddenly hospitalised. On my return I moved into my parents home to help Mum care for him. Out of necessity we have quickly formed our own high performing team! Every family member has heeded the call. My parents have the type of love relationship that most people aspire to. They have been married 63 years and remain tenderly affectionate. They’re playful, kind and generous and totally committed to each other’s wellbeing. They have worked together for decades and raised 3 happily married children. The grandchildren think they’re awesome and we all say that they are the poster couple for marriage!

Between my “nursing” duties I am reflecting on what is really important in my life. Check out my video on ‘Taking Care of You’.

Are you aware of what things make your life really matter? Are you sowing into those important relationships? What are your high-value activities? What tasks give you your best return for time and effort? Which areas of your life will you never compromise nor neglect?

It’s important to know which relationships and activities make your life meaningful and satisfying. Remember that the state of your relationships and your own well-being determines how much you can enjoy what you have.

Because I have learnt how to take care of myself I am well able to care for others. What a privilege!

(Don’t miss my top 5 tips in the video!)

Posted in relationships, personal development on Jun 26, 2018

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