Doing Christmas Better

Christmas is almost upon us. Do you quake with anxiety at the thought of it or celebrate the season that’s meant to be joyful. Could you do life better this Christmas? Have you worked out what is really important to you and to those you love during this season? Maybe you need time to discuss it and make a plan.

Do you realize that Christmas is about expressing and receiving love? The birth of a saviour is love personified! Love is more than a feeling. It is commitment in action. You may not feel loveable, loving or loved, but you can change this. Start by having an attitude of gratitude for what you do have. Gratefulness creates contentment and allows you to appreciate what is good in your life despite the difficulties and pressures you are facing. You benefit when you express gratitude out loud. Be attentive to what others are doing well and tell them. Count your blessings by reminding yourself of what is good in your life. Thank those who have supported, assisted or encouraged you throughout the year. Do something practical for someone who is in greater need than you. Look for ways to be a blessing.

Gifts are one way of expressing love. The giving of your time is another. Some people value words (love expressed) and time more than tangible gifts. Often elderly people desire your presence far more than presents. Do you put unnecessary pressure on yourself to provide gifts? Maybe just a little forethought could make this season more lovely and loving for someone special in your life.

Love, Lisa.

Posted in News on Dec 07, 2012

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