Decide to Flourish

– It's Simple But Not Easy!

Deep in your heart, how much do you want to flourish in life? 

What does it look like for you?

Imagine...Relationships that thrive. Family time that’s fun and fulfilling. A work environment where you are a valued contributor and are well rewarded. 

How big is your mountain to climb?

The good news... It’s simple to achieve. Not easy, but simple, and I aim to show you how!

The key to you flourishing lies in your small daily habits. Your life is driven by those subconscious habits and they make up around 95% of all you do each and every day.

The habits in your life fall into 3 categories:

  • High-value habits
  • Low-value habits
  • Time stealers

Until you can identify your daily habits and know which category they fall into you cannot hope to flourish. 

What To Do: I challenge you to take some time out now or tonight or tomorrow and recognise some of your habits in those three categories.

Those of you who seriously want to improve your current situation and move toward flourishing will embrace this challenge.

This is such an important area that I am preparing a special blog post that I will release in two weeks that will help you on this journey. But don’t wait for two weeks to begin!

What my special post will reveal:

  • My top 5 high-value habits
  • Examples of each habit category
  • High-value habits that you can add
  • Low-value habits that can be transformed
  • Time stealers that need to go

Make sure you watch out for the next email - you won't regret it!

Get ready to flourish!


PS: If you haven't seen me live recently - have a look at my latest showreel and contact my team below to book me for your next event!


Posted in values, change on Jul 08, 2019

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