Challenges Bring Us Together

I am not sure how this last month has been for you but this has been an extremely challenging month for me. I’ve been helping my Mum nurse my Father for several weeks at home until he finally passed away ....  or, as I prefer to say, received his final promotion! 

My Dad was a hero to me. We were with him when he took his final breath and we know that it is well with his soul :-) This intimate final journey for my Dad has led me to a place of much reflection. It has also brought the whole family together as a well-oiled machine; a high performing team escorting him ‘home’.

A few things I learned along the way: When a group of people are tasked to work together it is essential to be trusting. Assume the best of others and seek to learn about their skill sets and strengths so that collaboration and respect are fast-tracked. Beware that you don’t become a critic or a commentator.

We need to trust one another to bring our skills and talents to the table. We also need to listen to one another to ensure that we understand their ideas, aspirations and feelings.

The sum of all the individuals is better than the skills of anyone. Think TEAM! Together everyone can accomplish more. Being a team player as well as a team builder is a choice!

Happy days!


Posted in Inspirational Messages, relationships on Jul 24, 2018

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